The continuous and ever-increasing sensitivity of the local, national and international community of which Sagitta   is a part and the evolution of standards and best practices are always at the center of the internal activity of the SGR in the field of sustainability. In this ‘frantic’ and stimulating context, the company continuously strives to improve the various dimensions that make up the sustainability framework: environment, social issues and governance issues. If you want to know more, we invite you to look at the attached documents and report any initiatives that you think useful for a sustainable journey together.

Biorfarm & Sagitta SGR

Adopting a tree: our path to sustainability starts from the roots. At Sagitta SGR we have launched a structured program of actions in line with the sustainability principles defined by the 2030 Agenda. Among these initiatives, a kiind of attention to our Earth could not be missing, which nourishes us, among other things, with its fruits.

Hence the decision to adopt a tree for each of our colleagues who, in this way, will become “virtual growers” of fruit plants distributed throughout our territory and will follow their growth, supporting farmers in their mission to protect the environment .

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Our new headquarter is sustainable

Our new headquarter is sustainable

Our attention to sustainability was also a main driver in the choice of the new Sagitta SGR offices.

In addition to being energy class A, the building is equipped with a lighting system with brightness adjustment based on external light and with remote control, which allows the lights to be switched off automatically if the offices are completely empty.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an air recirculation system with floor and ceiling diffusers, which, in addition to keeping the air clean, also allows for adequate absorption of CO2, that is an issue increasingly at the center of our daily lives. Finally the building has the Leed Gold and Well Silver certifications

Leed Gold certification is a voluntary certification system developed by the internationally recognized US Green Building Council (USGBC) for the classification and certification of the eco-sustainability of buildings.

It covers the entire life cycle of the building itself, from design to construction, from management to maintenance.   This certification is particularly coveted for its complete and integrated approach to environmental and energy sustainability, also taking into account the health aspects for the occupants.

WELL certification was launched in 2014 by the International WELL Building Institute™, after 6 years of research and development, and is the first system to define the parameters by which buildings can improve our lives, focusing on people’s comfort.