Arrow Credit Opportunities (Italy) Feeder is the new alternative investment fund reserved to institutional investors. The assets raised with this fund – except for investments relating to temporary liquidity management – will be invested in the shares of the pan-European Master fund, Arrow Credit Opportunities, promoted and managed by the Arrow Global Group, which will invest in performing and non-performing loans, non-core bank assets, certain real estate assets and other assets that can be purchased from special situations and other “distressed” situations.

The feeder fund is targeted at Italian institutional investors, in particular insurance companies, family offices and other professional investors. The duration of the fund will be equal to the duration of the master, which envisages an investment period of three years and a distribution period in the following five years from the end of the investment period.

The objective of the fund is to bring together Italian investors interested in the master fund, making returns on mainly NPL credits and difficult assets accessible to them – a sector in which the Arrow Global and Europa Investimenti Group has deep experience and consolidated know-how.