The company

Sagitta is an operator specialized in the management of illiquid alternative assets (NPL & UTP, real estate and credit assets) and in special situations.

It leverages the specific skills in asset management of the controlling shareholder Arrow Global, with the aim of positioning itself as an innovative platform in the Italian panorama for asset management.

In August 2018, the SGR obtained clearance from the Bank of Italy for the launch of new investment funds and in January 2019 the authorization extension to manage funds that invest in loans.

Since the acquisition by Arrow Global so far, Sagitta has launched a new phase of its life cycle by drawing on the know-how and human capital of Arrow Global group and Europa Investimenti.

The SGR is AIMFD compliant.

Shareholder Rights Directive II

The European discipline on the encouragement of long-term shareholder engagement (known as the Shareholder Rights Directive II), transposed into Italian law, provides that asset managers and institutional investors adopt and communicate to the public an engagement policy that describes the ways in which they:

  • Monitor the investee companies whose shares are admitted to trading on an Italian regulated market or on another European Union member state, on relevant issues including strategy, financial and non-financial results, risks, capital structure, social and environmental impact, and corporate governance.
  • Engage in dialogue with the investee companies.
  • Exercise voting rights and other related rights in relation to the shares.
  • Collaborate with other shareholders.
  • Communicate with relevant stakeholders of the investee companies.
  • Manage actual and potential conflicts of interest in relation to their engagement.

Sagitta SGR points out that investment in shares of listed companies is a purely residual, ancillary, and occasional activity as it does not fall within the investment strategies and policies of the managed funds. Therefore, the communication required by the referenced Directive is not applicable to Sagitta.

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