SGT CPI 2 Italy Real Estate Fund is the real estate fund managed by Sagitta Sgr.

The Fund is subscribed by funds managed by Crescendo Real Estate Advisors LLP.

The Fund acquired from Mint Street Holding Spa several buildings for mixed management / instrumental use located in Ozzano nell’Emilia (Bologna). The property is one of the main offices of IMA Group, one of the world leaders in the design and production of automatic packaging machines. The company is listed on the STAR segment of the regulated market of the Italian Stock Exchange. The property is leased with a 15 year triple net contract.

The investment strategy of the Fund involves making investments in mission critical properties leased with long-term triple or double net contracts to high quality investment grade tenants with the aim of distributing constant long-term cash flows to its investors.

The Fund’s investment target is €100 million in equity to be raised.

The Obton Italy Fund is a closed real estate fund reserved to professional investors.

The unitholder, Obton REIT, is a company incorporated under Danish law and belonging to the Obton group, a leading European player, active in investments in solar
photovoltaic assets.

The Fund currently owns a portfolio consisting of 37 photovoltaic plants for a total capacity of 30.6 MW from 17 different SPVs. The plants are connected to the grid and operational and are located throughout the Italian territory.

The investment strategy of the Fund involves making investments in the renewable energy market and leased C43photovoltaic plants with the aim of creating and distributing stable long-term cash flows to Fund’s investors.

The Fund’s financing banks are Natixis, Unicredit and UBI Banca (part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group).

Aster Fund

Aster Fund

Milano4You is a residential real estate development project that is located on an area of ​​300 thousand square meters located in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan (Municipality of Segrate), on which a Smart District of about 90 thousand square meters will be built, immersed in 80 thousand square meters of park. The innovative concept, which combines digital technology, energy efficiency and architectural design, will be developed by Sagitta SGR, manager of the Aster fund, which is owner of the area, with the strategic partnership of RED S.r.l. and with the participation of important technological partners.

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SGT Sansedoni is a closed-end real estate fund, reserved to professional investors and managed by Sagitta Sgr.

The Fund is one of the main steps of a complex arrangement with creditors aimed at the financial restructuring of Sansedoni S.p.A., a historic real estate company established in Siena in 1999 as a property and investment company related to MPS banking group and the MPS Foundation.

By transferring the Sansedoni properties to the Fund against the conversion of mortgage creditors into capital subscribers of the Fund itself, the operation was definitely an innovative way to manage UTP credits. In addition to the participation of the banks, the Fund raised capital for a total of 13 million euros, guaranteed by the MPS Foundation (3 million) and by Arrow Global (10 million) to be allocated mainly to the creation of capex on properties, both increasing the value of the assets and of the credit recovery, compared to the judicial liquidation scenario.