Pipeline of the new funds

UTPs Credit Fund

The UTPs fund is established through the contribution of bank loans UTPs – secured or unsecured/corporate – which may be contributed to the Fund from the banks, in the context of systemic transactions of de-leveraging and de-risking, providing a different solution to the banks in the UTPs management and aligning interests, also providing a new financing facilities to the company/borrower in order to recovery the performing status and enhance the credit recovery chances.


Solution Fund

The Solution Fund is set-up on a deal by deal basis through the contribution in kind of real estate assets, real property rights or mortgage loans in the context of crisis situations, in which the fund could intervene and get the assets in exchange of shares, granting a better recovery to the creditors of the procedure by the way of managing the complexity and finance the development with the capex required.


Reoco Fund

The REOCO fund aims at managing all the necessary activities for the repossessing of the real estate assets underlying the credits, providing the investors an efficient platform to deploy the assets recovery.


Special SITs PE Fund

Dedicated to institutional investors only, the PE funds will be focused on the purchase of majority equity stakes in SMEs that, despite a good P&L, are in financial troubles or other special situations which allow the fund to acquire the participation/going concern at highly speculative values.


Securitization Fund

The fund will create value leveraging the EI and Arrow Global management team competences and know-how in the distressed asset and NPLs market, being dedicated to the realization of securitization deals according to the Italian law on securitization (law 130/1999), with underlying secured and unsecured credits.


Existing Funds

SGT CrescItalia Invoice Fund

The Short Term CrescItalia Fund aims at investing into commercial papers through the invoice-financing to SMEs which have difficult access to the bank credit notwithstanding the good credit standing of its customers.


Aster Fund

The Aster Fund owns an area in Segrate, a municipality in the Milan metropolitan area, which covers over 300,000 sqm and on which one of the largest smart city projects in Italy will be built, based on the innovative Milano4You concept. The project involves the development of 89,808 sqm, mainly for residential use and to a lesser extent for commercial, offices, cultural centres, sports facilities, senior housing and social housing and will be developed by Sagitta SGR in partnership with RED S.r.l. and other relevant technological partners.

Liquidated Funds

Europa Immobiliare N°1

Sagitta SGR has managed a real estate investment fund dedicated also to retail investors (so-called “retail fund”) named Europa Immobiliare N°1, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange until December 27, 2017. The Fund was formally closed December 31, 2017. The SGR is currently managing the final liquidation phase of the fund, providing repayments to the subscribers.