Sustainability ESG

Sagitta SGR, in line with Arrow Global’s sustainability program, is committed to adopting the principles of sustainability as defined by the 2030 Agenda, with the aim of acting increasingly responsibly towards its stakeholders: shareholders, communities , investors and employees, as well as to all the third parties.

Sagitta SGR has decided to apply the principles of responsible finance to its business. This approach will be deployed, with the aim at increasing long-term financial growth, also thanks to the use of environmental, social and governance (ESG) variables, both directly and through the choices to be made in the development of the investment policies of its funds.

The introduction of ESG criteria within the entire life cycle of an investment is an essential factor for the creation of lasting value and valorization of the assets.

Taking these principles fully into consideration allows the SGR to seize risks and opportunities, usually less considered, which could have a direct impact on the financial returns of its investors and shareholders.

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