Europa Investimenti is an independent and qualified institutional investor who operates in Italy on behalf of Arrow Global in a range of different assets (Loans, Real Estate, Claims, Going concerns, etc.) in the distressed space.

Founded in 1988 – and among the first private equity operators in Italy – Europa Investimenti, after the relaunch of the business in 2007, has focused on operations relating to companies in insolvency proceedings, achieving a solid track-record of experience in bankruptcies, liquidations, extraordinary administrations, as well as debt restructuring agreements.

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Arrow Global Group Plc is a UK based asset manager and credit servicer specialized in the purchase and management and of non-performing loans, both through a single name and portfolio perspective .

The company has significantly developed its business in recent years, increasing its presence in Europe (The Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal and Italy). In Italy, in addition to Sagitta SGR, it holds the ownership of:

The presence in Italy is strengthened by the coordination and supporting activities carried out by the sub holding Arrow Global Italia. Arrow employs over 2,400 employees in 5 countries, of which around 500 are in Italy.

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